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All The World’s Wealth

There’s an old saying that goes something like this:

Let’s suppose all the world’s wealth was equally distributed to all the world’s people. How long would it take for all the world’s wealth to end up back into the hands of just a few people?

Obviously, this is somewhat of a riddle with not real answer, but it does drive home a point that cannot be denied: as a percent of the population, very few people do, in fact, control much of the world’s wealth. I personally saw this first hand while at a conference last year at a place near Key Largo called The Ocean Reef Resort.

Talk about some wealthy folks.

This island resort included its own airport runway, three gold courses, its own police department, and more million-dollar yachts than you could shake a stick at. In fact, when I asked one of the employees about these wealthy folks he replied, “Yeah, as we like to say around here, this is where the billionaires come to get away from the millionaires.”

Evidence of this “much of the world’s wealth in the hands of a few” is not just limited to residents of The Ocean Reef Resort. You can look up the top 5% of the wealthiest Americans and quickly research that this 5% owns over 50% of the market. So why is this? Why in a freed land, such as America, do so few people become so successful in terms of net worth?

So, what’s the answer to this age-old riddle? To be honest, I have no clue.

However, I can tell you this: that after working in the “financial trenches” for over 32 years, while I may not be able to reserve you a spot at The Ocean Reef Resort, I can promise you a FREE assessment of your situation.