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How Much Risk Are You Willing To Take With Your Retirement?

Excerpt from The WorryFree Retirement® Episode 206

Here is a question for you…

What is represented by the number 285 million?

A: Miles to Mars and back.

B: The number of people living in America.

C: The weekly viewers of the hit TV show The WorryFree Retirement®.

D: Amount of fixed annuity premium Tony Walker has personally written since 9/11.

Well, if your answer was D: $285 million represents the amount of fixed annuity premium Tony Walker’s personally written, that is correct.

So, you might be sitting there saying, Tony, why should I care how much annuity premium you’ve written since 9/11? What does that particular number have to do with anything about my safety and security and my money in retirement? Well, it might be nice to go back in time, just to give you a brief history of what was happening back during 9/11, in terms of the financial world and my practice.

What happened was, I was managing money in the 90s. Remember the go-go 90s? You know, the financial gurus were throwing darts at dart boards and picking stocks and making tons of money. So, when the terrorists flew into those buildings, all of my accounts started plummeting. And my retirees and the people who were approaching retirement came to me and said, Tony, we’ve got to have something safer than this.

So off I went, trying to find some type of financial tool that could provide guaranteed income, but at the same time had zero risk in the stock market. Now, luckily, I stumbled across a seminar that was being advertised. I don’t even remember how I heard about this.

And this was back in August of 2002. It was in San Diego. It was conducted by a gentleman, at that time, I never heard of him. His name was Rick Metcalfe. He was a financial advisor, and he was conducting a seminar with the headline: “Advisors Who Are Looking For A Better Way To Safeguard Their Client’s Money.”

So, I jumped on a plane headed to San Diego. I figured, hey, what the heck. I’ve never been to San Diego. I’ll see what’s going on out there. Well, I was blown away with the introduction and the specificity of how fixed indexed annuities worked. Now, granted, I know a little bit about it, but Mr. Metcalfe was able to demonstrate very succinctly why these products really fit the minds of savers.

And since that time, I have written a lot of annuities. Now, I didn’t set out to break any sales records. You know, I was just trying to find a financial tool that made sense for hardworking savers. Over the years, a colleague of mine said, Tony, you’re writing so many of these annuities and you’re doing all this speaking and all this stuff, I think I’m going to start calling you the Annuity King. And I kind of liked that, so I trademarked it. Even came up with the Annuity King bobble head (call for a free bobble head!) that we’re having a lot of fun with.

But all kidding aside, we have written over $285 million of fixed indexed annuities. In fact, recently, just a couple of weeks ago, a large insurance company asked me to speak to about 500 advisors in Vegas. My topic was how to properly use fixed indexed annuities in the retirement planning process as it relates to one of 5 books: “The Annuity Decision Guide” (click to receive a FREE copy).

So, basically, the reason I’m covering all this detail about our expertise of annuities, we’ve now had a chance to see how these play out. We’ve written thousands of these products. Unfortunately, there’s so many misconceptions about them, usually coming from Wall Street because Wall Street doesn’t sell these products. Wall Street doesn’t want you to buy these products either. The reason behind their effort to sway you away from annuities is because annuities remove money out of the rollercoaster ride of the stock market.  Our main objective at Tony Walker Financial is to show you how you can be worry-free in retirement without taking any risk in the stock market.

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