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Tony WalkerBeginning his financial career in 1984, Tony Walker has always considered himself a “contrarian” of sorts (his favorite book as a child was Arty the Smarty).


Not one to follow the herd, Tony’s professional experience in the financial trenches – forged over four different decades – has confirmed much of what Tony has always believed: “that it’s not about the money, but about the people.”



Tony has sold just about every financial product imaginable. Yet, on September 11, 2001 – what we now simply refer to as 9/11 – Tony came face-to-face with the realization that he was not wired for risk, but for safety.


With the realization that he made money whether client’s did or not, Tony decided to walk-away from a lucrative fee-based money management practice and return to his roots of guaranteed insurance contracts.


Tony also believed that it was time to set about the task of creating a simple and safe process that consumers could count on. After years of study and development, The WorryFree Retirement® was born – the rest is history.



Armed with his patented 3-prong approach of Man, Money & God, Tony wanted to create something unique to the Financial World — a process entrenched in an understanding of human behavior (man), economics (money) and ethics (God). Tony’s WorryFree Retirement® process and approach of Mailbox Money® gives consumers innovative ideas to help them be more worry-free.



His books include The WorryFree Retirement®, (Don’t) Follow the Herd®, and his latest work, The 3 Personalities of Money® – the first of its kind to explore his concept of “mind-over-money.”



A native and lifelong resident of the state of Kentucky, Tony’s offices are based in Bowling Green, Ky. He spends two days each week seeing people in the Louisville market. Besides a vast background in economics, he has degrees in Psychology and Broadcasting. From 1998 – 2004, Tony hosted the TV show, “Your Money Matters”.


For the past seven years, he has been the featured Retirement Specialist on NBC affiliate, WAVE3 Listens Live TV out of Louisville Kentucky. A devout Christian, Tony is approaching his 30th year of marriage to his high school sweetheart, Susan. Together they enjoy their three children and four “time-consuming” dogs.