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Are You Worried About Your Finances?

By September 13, 2022 No Comments

Click the video below to learn how to be WorryFree when it comes to your finances!


Viewer Question:

“I retired two years ago and thought things were in pretty good shape but now, with my retirement accounts down substantially this year and with the price of goods and services through the roof, what can I do to worry less about my finances?”

Tony has a few ways to help worry less about your future:


Get Out of the Market

- This may not exactly be the solution; however, it all depends on the person and their situation! That is why having a GamePlan is important to assess your personal needs.

Hang in There

- You could take the opposite approach and put MORE money into stocks and buy more ETF’s.

Keep Taking Money Out

- Keep doing what you’re doing and quit worrying about things! The reality is you will not live forever, and our goal here is to help you Live Well, and Die Broke. This also may not apply to everyone, but we can help you figure out if that applies to you!

Get a Part-Time Job

- There are quite a few people who have to get a part time job in retirement. In this economy, there is no short supply of them either!
- This is the perfect time to take up some hobbies that could bring in some extra income during your time in retirement!

Cut Back on Spending

- Unfortunately, the reality is that sometimes you have to just limit your money outflow. This doesn’t mean to stop doing what you enjoy, but instead be cautious about where your money is going.

Each person’s retirement situation is different, come into the office and we will help you figure out what is the best option for you!

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