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Do You Feel Like ‘Just A Number’ In The Financial World?

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Watch the video below to learn how you WON’T just become another number!



Let’s start this off with a Tony in the Trenches from Sue in Louisville, KY:

“I watch you all the time on TV and wonder how you can see 20-30 people a week. My concern is this: if I work with you and allow Tony Walker Financial to handle my money, how do I know I won’t just become another number?”

It all boils down to four things:

  1. It’s Your Money!
  2. Service is KEY
  3. Non-Commissioned Advisors
  4. 17 Full-Time Staff

The answer to this question is very simple and easily answered at Tony Walker Financial –behind every good advisor is a great staff. For any advisor you may be considering, it is important to know how they are planning on handling your money and who you’ll be working with after the sale.

We cannot speak for the entire Financial World, but we recognize that this is YOUR money. While we may call some shots on how it is invested or which custodians are holding your funds, it’s still yours to use and enjoy when you want to.

Secondly, we understand that service is key. Tony personally won’t let the growth of the business impact the service that you experience from him or his staff. That is why our full-time fiduciaries are paid a salary instead of commission. Our team is trained in the process to help do what is best for the client and not to help sell the next great product. Finally, we have 17 full-time staff members to make sure all the needs are met for our clients. Most firms are made up of many advisors and few support staff. Our staff is flip-flopped from the traditional model. We have four advisors/fiduciaries and a large team of service experts to assist in every capacity of retirement planning.

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