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Do You Want Bonanza’s Success In Your Retirement?

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Watch the video to learn how to apply simple principles from Bonanza to YOUR retirement.

The WorryFree Retirement® has now aired episode 432! Now that The WorryFree Retirement® has surpassed the infamous Bonanza, let’s take a look at how your retirement plan can mimic  the success of this great show!

5 Ingredients to Bonanza’s Success: 


It Takes A Cast & Crew To Make It Work

- For Bonanza, it took the whole cast for the show to be successful. And that same concept applies to a successful retirement. You can’t do it alone; you will need a team of trained retirement planning specialists.

Remain True To Your Character & Values

- As a hard-working Saver, the last thing you want to do is put all your earned money at risk in an unpredictable stock market.

Work For The Greater Good By Helping Others

- Say you do choose to work with a financial company to help plan out your retirement, do you know if they are working in YOUR best interest? Are they willing to help others, or are they only thinking of helping themselves?

Realize That The Show Cannot Go On Forever

- Just like Bonanza, the show will not go on forever for us either. That is why it is important to have a written GamePlan. This GamePlan will help you enjoy your money now before it’s too late. You can’t take your money with you when you die, so why save it all?

Remain Passionate About Something

- It is important to not just have a career that you’re passionate for, but something that you are passionate for that you can take into retirement to enjoy your new free time!

Here at Tony Walker Financial, we are passionate about helping you create a personalized GamePlan. We want to help you enjoy your retirement so that you spend it WorryFree.

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