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Does Your Advisor Provide YOU with A Written GamePlan?

By October 19, 2022 No Comments

Watch this video below to learn more about our GamePlans!


One of the biggest issues we encounter are Savers who do not have a written GamePlan.

They come to us wanting a second opinion when they realize they don’t even know where their finances are at without a GamePlan. Let’s go through an example to show the importance of a written retirement GamePlan.


  • Single
  • Age 71
  • GOAL: organizing all their accounts & minimizing their taxes

This person had 4 different advisors with 5 different brokerage accounts. They also had 5 different annuities with only $20,000 in the bank (cash savings)! Their money was everywhere and no one would give them the same advice on what to do with it. When one of the advisers suggested a Roth Conversion, that’s when this Saver knew he needed to see Tony to clear things up.

The solution to this Saver’s problem was sitting down with Tony to go through our planning process. The best action for this Saver was to implement the split IRA concept® to help reach this client’s goals.

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