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Don’t Be A Sucker!

By November 10, 2022 No Comments

Watch the video below to ensure that YOU won’t be a sucker!

The Financial World has long convinced Savers to avoid using and enjoying their money in retirement. They intimidate Savers from spending money due to fear it won’t last.

This Save-Save-Save hoax was created by Wall Street to encourage Savers to stockpile money so advisors could keep charging fees on it. Don’t be a sucker when it comes to Wall Street’s tricks. Know the right questions to ask.



What are the fees?

- Sometimes it can be hard to find the fees in small print. That is why you need to have your advisor tell you upfront what the fees will be and explain how to read the statements.

What is the worst-case scenario?

- It’s important to know just how the product/investment would perform in the worst of the worst cases.

What’s my accessibility to my money?

- A fiduciary will make sure you have access to the amount of money you need in the short term AND the money you MIGHT need in the short term.

What is the time frame on these annuities/bonds?

- You need to understand the time frame that you may be ‘locked-in’, because that works hand-in-hand with how and when you’ll be able to access your money.

Are there any “gotcha’s”?

- Some advisors may be transparent about the first four questions – slick talkers – but sometimes you have to dig even deeper!

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