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Fee-Based vs. Commission-Based Advisors – What’s Best For You?

By January 5, 2023 No Comments

Money Managers and Wall Street are always knocking ‘high’ commission products like annuities. However, check out how strictly fee-based advisors might be costing you a LOT more money! In this example, Tony shows how the two ways advisors or agents could be paid and how it impacts you.

At Tony Walker Financial, as Fiduciaries, we can work as advisors on a fee-based relationship through Charles Schwab or a commission-based relationship as an advisor by suggesting an annuity – of course both are worked into a Written GamePlan specific to your situation and need for use, flexibility and protection.

Before you blindly invest your hard-earned life’s savings to any advisor suggesting they can save you money – be sure they’re a fiduciary and why not come see us for a second opinion.

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