With the uncertainty of the Wall Street, Fixed and Index Annuities have become one of the most popular retirement vehicles around. Problem is, most financial advisors selling them have very little working knowledge of how to properly use annuities in the retirement planning process. Add to that the fact that Wall Street and its representatives don’t make recurring fees on these products, adds up to a potential disaster for consumers looking for “truthful” information about these products.


With Tony, you’ll learn the truth about Annuities.


Dubbed The Annuity King® by his peers for his pioneering work with them, and given the fact that Tony was the Number #1 producer in the country– two years in a row – with a major insurance company providing fixed and index annuities, Tony has the experience and know-how to help you decide if/which annuity is right for you. His proprietary WorryFree Retirement® Process is the only of its kind to make sense of your options so you can confirm whether (and which type) an annuity is right for you.


In fact, since 1984, Tony has personally written over 1500 annuity contracts in excess of $150 million dollars of guaranteed benefits to consumers…he truly does understand them! And best of all, there’s never any out-of-pocket cost on your part to secure an annuity because Tony is paid his commission by the insurance company, not you! So don’t leave your retirement to chance with an annuity you don’t understand or an advisor with little experience and no understanding of these valuable tools…to learn more about Annuities, click on the “free booklet” written by Tony in “plain English”, contact tony directly for a no-obligation discussion of your situation to see if an annuity is right for you, or attend Tony’s free workshop..