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Investing, by definition, is ‘the outlay of money usually for income or profit’. Most commonly, people associate investing with the stock market. While this is by no means the only way of making your money work for you, Tony Walker Financial does manage money for our clients using the Charles Schwab platform as our custodian.

As a Registered Investment Advisor with over 30 years of experience, Tony managed money extensively in the 1990’s. Recently, we chose the Charles Schwab platform out of necessity for helping our clients with assets that they wished to invest in a position of liquidity, with some risk in the market. The Schwab platform allows us to provide the same personal service our clients are used to at (in most cases) half the fees of industry standard.

By utilizing low-cost, low-fee Funds, Tony’s three portfolios – Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive – provide varying investment risk tolerances for all clients with minimal fees to eat away at potential growth from the market.

If you currently have money in a managed account, we would be happy to provide you with a Free Fee Analysis in order to show you how much we could save you.

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