Tonys-GrandDad CIRCLE

Tony’s Granddad shown here at the age of 18 in 1932 – along with his Granddad and two siblings

In 1978, two important events occurred: my Granddad (shown here) retiring from the phone company and secondly, the passing of an important law that would soon be known as simply, “the 401k plan”. During Granddad’s Retirement™, he enjoyed what millions of Americans then enjoyed, something he called, Mailbox Money®. Now, with fewer and fewer pensions (Mailbox Money®) being offered, employees are left to go-it-alone with the 401k.




Tony's Granddad at BellSouth

Tony’s Granddad at the Bell South office in the 1960’s

Not only a riskier place to invest, but no longer an investment that can provide the lifetime income once enjoyed by my Granddad. But there is a better way to invest your hard-earned money, and it’s called a Fixed Indexed Annuity – something I like to refer to as a Hybrid Annuity. With the new-and-improved Hybrid Annuities, you too can enjoy guaranteed Mailbox Money®, just like Granddad’s Retirement. To learn more, click on the “Meet with Tony” button or order my free “Annuity Decision Guide for Savers” by clicking on the link provided and providing some simple contact information. We’ll mail you a free copy so you too can begin investing into Granddad’s Retirement™ today.