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Hard Earned Money + Sleep Insurance® = Mailbox Money®!

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Hard Earned Money + Sleep Insurance® = Mailbox Money®!


Annuities have helped Savers avoid stock market risk for years. What better way to learn about annuities than to hear from Tony Walker Financial’s very own Connie Fortney!

In Connie’s (almost) 19 years with our firm, she’s had the privilege of helping Saver Clients put over $500 Million into annuities and out of the uncertainty of the stock market. Now, witnessing these clients’ enjoying lifetime income they’ll never outlive is making all the hard work even that much more enjoyable.

One big thing Connie has noticed through her time here is that clients really do love annuities. No matter what the stock market is doing, these annuities are safe. This is something we like to call, Sleep Insurance®! Along with this Sleep Insurance®, clients will eventually start getting what we call, Mailbox Money®. This is an income that is guaranteed until they die. These are beautiful products that ensure protection for a client’s entire life. They exist to help YOU retire WorryFree.

We practice what we preach here at Tony Walker Financial. Not only does Tony have eleven different annuities, Connie and her husband have two as well. We love annuities too.

If you’re interested in annuities, please get a second opinion so that you get the right annuity for you!

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