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How to Enjoy Your Money!

By October 5, 2022 February 8th, 2023 No Comments

Watch this video to learn how to enjoy your money!

When I meet with Savers in our office, many ask, “Tony – why do you have such a different perspective on money than the other guys (advisors)!”

Tony has developed the WorryFree Retirement Process® so that Tony Walker Financial is one of the few voices in the industry consistently reassuring clients to use and enjoy their money now before it is too late! Tony has been in the business long enough to witness that when clients get older, they spend less money. That is the principle of the three halves of life! You don’t want to end up wasting your good years socking money away for later, when later you may not be physically or mentally able to do the things you love!



The problem with the Financial World’s narrative for retirement is that it is controlled by Wall Street. They preach, “Save, Save, Save!”

Because if you do… THEY will reap the benefits of charging fees on your money.

Our WorryFree Retirement Process® will help you retire without fear of running out of money. Better yet – with a plan to use and enjoy your money before it’s too late!

Watch the video above to learn the best times to elect your Social Security and your retirement accounts!

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