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Moving Out Of State?

By September 8, 2022 No Comments

Watch this video below to hear how tony will take care of you no matter where you live!


We received a ‘Tony in the Trenches’ viewer question that asked:

Q: “We are interested in hiring you as our financial advisor, but we’re also thinking about moving to Florida in the next few years. If we moved to Florida, will your firm be able to work with us and guide us in our retirement?”

A: This is a great question! It is very common for people in retirement to move away or get a second home where they spend the majority of their year. This doesn’t mean they can’t have Tony as their financial advisor! Tony Walker Financial serves dozens of clients who do not live in the Kentucky or Indiana area.

It is not a problem for a client to move to Florida, or anywhere else, for that matter. That is why the written GamePlan is so crucial! If Tony Walker Financial needs to adjust the GamePlan for life’s transitions, we have a retirement plan in place for use, flexibility and control of that client’s money.

In one case, Tony even jumped on a flight to meet with a client because he felt like her situation was important to be discussed in person. Tony’s mission is to help Savers worry less about money®… whether they’re here in Kentucky/Indiana/Tennessee or anywhere across the country!

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