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Our 5 Step Process!

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If you’ve seen the TV show or listened to the radio show, you’ve probably heard Tony explain our WorryFree Retirement® Process, but have you ever heard how it came about?

Watch this video below to hear from Heather and Tony about how our process came to be!




Not long ago, Tony Walker Financial only had two full-time employees other than Tony. In those days, in an effort to hone in on specializing our services to helping Savers worry less about money®, Tony decided to attend Strategic Coach. Tony would leave each and every quarter for Chicago to attend these sessions. Returning to Bowling Green with notebooks full of notes and a head full of new ideas, Tony would brainstorm how to implement these ideas to help our clients and find the right people we could help. These ideas helped bring to life – The WorryFree Retirement® Process.



It is easy to say that most advisors, in their own way, can accomplish the first four steps of the process, especially because step four is where they make the money! However, it is in the fifth step of the process that sets Tony Walker Financial apart from the rest of the Financial World. That is why there are 17 full-time staff members to help follow through with that last step. We are dedicated to helping our clients Monitor Their Progress throughout their retirement.

Click this link below to watch the full episode!

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