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When it comes to retirement planning, we always remind Savers the importance of use, flexibility and control.

Our popular Split-IRA Concept℠ provides Savers the opportunity to invest in a brokerage IRA under our management through Charles Schwab. This account provides Savers use of the money immediately without any surrender charges, flexibility of changing investments when they choose and control over when and how they take distributions in retirement due to its liquidity!

Watch the video below to see why you should consider our Split-IRA Concept℠ in your retirement plan!



While Savers are certainly concerned over protection of retirement savings, in the financial world, typically safer investments come with some red tape – meaning lack of liquidity.

You may be asking, “Why do we HAVE to put money into Charles Schwab? I thought the whole idea was to get off the roller coaster of the stock market!”

The answer is, once again – Liquidity. We have to have access to money anytime, on-demand, without penalty. Quite often, advisors will want to throw your life savings into different annuities without concern for liquidity. If an advisor fails to properly identify your suitability for these types of investments, you may face severe surrender charges. You don’t necessarily have to invest the Charles Schwab brokerage IRA in risky individual stocks or growth mutual funds, but we need to have access to this first bucket for the income you need now or MAY need now. You never know what might come up in retirement.

When it comes to our Charles Schwab platform, there are 5 different portfolios that you can choose from. Each portfolio has its own level of risk attached based on the amount of stock or bond exposure. Generally, if you have more stock/equity investment positions within your account, your account has more change for growth, but also quick losses. This is one of the reasons we won’t throw all of your money into Charles Schwab and hope for the best. The Split-IRA Concept℠ that will best suit you will be designed around your immediate needs for income, but also with protection from stock market risk by utilizing other investments like annuities.


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