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These 2-minute segments feature Tony discussing unique stories and ideas he’s encountered in the financial trenches of everyday life.

“Fly-Over” Advisors


It seems that only a few control the most


A 2 Trillion-Dollar Tax Bill is looming


A continuation of “Being Tax Diversified”


Being Tax Diversified


The MIS-adventures of babysitting


GrandDad’s Retirement plan sounds pretty dependable


What are someone’s credentials?


Will you have enough money when you retire? Well, It All Depends…


Are annuities and life insurance alike?


Who alerts your beneficiaries?


Do you HAVE to pay high fees and taxes?


How was Tony’s GrandDad worryfree?


Do you really just want to “hang in there” when it comes to YOUR money?


Does the water from Wall Street taste funny to you?


Are you a Saver? Do you hate losing money?


Hear Tony talk about the “tax bracket trap.”


“Why take risk when you don’t have to?”


Who can you trust with your money? How do you know you can trust them?


Should you plan to pay off your home?


Pension: take a Lump Sum or Monthly Installments.


When it comes to your money, should you be “diversified”?


How can you avoid surrender charges with an annuity?


Are all financial advisers required to work in your best interest? Not necessarily.