A Classroom Course Teaching Savers How to Worry Less about Money™

The WorryFree Retirement BootCamp is a unique 4-hour educational workshop developed by one of the most respected advisors in the industry, Tony Walker. It is unique in that it is the only workshop of its kind specifically geared toward Savers who would like to learn an alternative to the high risk approach offered by Wall Street. The BootCamp explores the secret to a WorryFree Retirement as you learn how to incorporate the proven 3-prong approach of Man, Money & God into your daily financial walk. Unlike typical financial seminars and workshops – usually designed to daze and confuse attendees with highly technical financial jargon – the WorryFree Retirement BootCamp brings an interactive learning environment that’s easy to understand and follow.

  • There is no hidden sales agenda.
  • Attendees are not required or pressured to meet with anyone following the BootCamp.
  • The educational workshop concludes with a light lunch and group discussion/question answer session with your instructor.

The mission of the BootCamp is to help you gain more focus and control over your money so you can use, enjoy and protect it.

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Course Description
This comprehensive course is the culmination of 30 years of work in the financial trenches by the creator of The WorryFree Retirement, Tony Walker. It begins with a ‘deep-dive’ into your Financial Personality and then springs forth from there into the major worries of Savers and how to attack those worries. The BootCamp written exercises will assist attendees in how best to understand the messages of the Financial World and which messages are right for them and their unique financial personalities. In addition to building your own WorryFree Retirement blueprint, you will also learn more about the different types of investments that are best suited for Savers and which ones are not. You will learn about the four costs of money and how an understanding of “lost opportunity costs” could save you literally hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

The Bootcamp will save you money!


Who should attend

Anyone age 50 or over who is worried about the following:

  • Future taxes on their retirement plan (IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Thrift, Pension and the like)
  • When to retire
  • When to start drawing money and from which account
  • Having too much in the stock market
  • Having too much in the bank earning next to nothing
  • Having no game plan on how to use and enjoy the money in retirement or simply anyone who wants to have more confidence in the future by simplifying it.

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What You Will Receive

Classroom Instruction
Besides providing educational coursework on Conservative Investing, the Course offers highly interactive and proven materials to assist all attendees in creating their own personal financial game plan. This course is designed with you in mind, giving you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and your money. It brings to mind the 3-prong approach of Man, Money & God and how to incorporate that into your plans for the future so you can worry less about your money. You’ll learn the 5-Step decision making process developed and used for years by Tony Walker. The WorryFree Retirement is sound and proven to help Savers clarify their vision for their future so they can worry less about it.

Course Materials
Included in the price of the course is The 3 Personalities of Money! Instead of allowing the Financial World to control your money by “controlling” your mind, you will learn the secret of controlling your money by “knowing” your mind; a concept seasoned advisor Tony Walker refers to as “mind over money” Thanks to this breakthrough concept by one of the country’s most contrarian advisors, consumers now have an escape route from the traditional “one-size-fits-all” mantra pitched by the financial world.

As well, for those who have yet to make a decision on when to take Social Security, a free report will be provided upon request.


Your BootCamp Instructor: Tony Walker

tony-bio-pictureA native/resident of Kentucky and graduate of Western Kentucky University, Mr. Walker brings a wealth of education and 30 years of experience in the field of finance to the classroom. Besides his various financial degrees and credentials, Mr. Walker is one of the few advisors in the country possessing degrees in Psychology and Communications.

  • He is the owner of Tony Walker Financial, rated A+ by Better Business Bureau, with offices in Bowling Green and Louisville serving over 1,000 clients.
  • For the past six years, Mr.Walker has been the featured weekly retirement specialist on WAVE3 Television in Louisville Kentucky.
  • A frequent speaker at national industry conferences, Mr.Walker was a 2013 finalist for Advisor of The Year for Senior Market Magazine.
  • The author off our books on retirement and the creator of the 3 Personalities of Money® Financial Profile, he is a frequent national speaker on various financial topics.

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Course Outline

Section 1: Understanding your unique “Financial Personality” before ever investing a Dime
Throw Wall Streets “risk tolerance” questionnaires out the window…they don’t work for Savers.

Section 2: Money Worries and what to do about them
You can’t enjoy your money if you’re worried about it.

Section 3: Say Goodbye to Granddad’s Retirement – Hello to Mailbox Money®
Granddad had lifetime income he could never outlive and now, you can too.

Section 4: An understanding of the ‘Three Halves’ of Life
Good News: Contrary to what you’ve heard, you won’t need as much in retirement as you think.

Section 5: The 4 Costs of Money – an Introduction to Opportunity Cost
More than half of all your hard-earned money will never make it to your pocketbook. Learn how to get some of your money back and start making it work for you.

Section 6: Building and Understanding your personal 5-Step Decision Making Process
You can’t set up a game plan unless you have a clear vision of what it is you want out of life.

Section 7: Technical Retirement Planning issues and what you should
definitely know about them.

Social Security, current 401(k)/IRA tax laws, Mutual funds, Annuities, Life and Long term care insurance, Estate Planning, and much more will be reviewed.