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Below is a collection of videos Tony has created for you viewing, including his popular Tony in the Trenches questions.


The WorryFree Retirement® Episodes:

#232: Tired of all the financial “chatter” that comes from the endless opinions about your retirement? Learn the 3 Biggest mistakes Savers make with their money.

WFR 232


#231: To convert, or NOT to convert? That is the question. Whether you should pay the taxes in your 401(k) or IRA now or later. The ultimate planning tool: The Roth Conversion.



#230: Do you ever feel like a lost ball in high weeds? Why your ignorance about money and retirement could cost you.



#229: I Love Annuities…and if you’re a Saver, you should too!



#228: So, you think you want to retire. Well, let’s find out if you can. Learn the 4 questions you should ask yourself before you can retire.



#227: The 4th and final risk to your retirement: Interest Rate Risk.



#226: What goes up…must come down. A deeper dive into the Stock Market risk that could affect your retirement.



#225: Let’s take a deeper dive into Long Term Care Risk. Living Longer means you could be at risk for outliving your money!



#224: Let’s take a deeper dive into what’s known as Longevity Risk. Will you outlive your money?



#223: How long will your money last in retirement? The 4 main risks you face by living longer.



#222: What the Heck is an Annuity? The 4 types of annuities, and which one is right for you.



#221: Do you hate talking about money? Well, you’re not alone. The 5 Paralyzing Mistakes Savers are making with their money because of their Financial Illteracy.



#220: The importance of the “KISS” Principle. Keep It Simply, Silly!



#219: What do millionaires know about money that you don’t?



#218: What are the 7 Misconceptions people have about 401(k) rollovers?



#217: What are the 7 Biggest Financial Blunders Advisors are making with your money?



#216: Why Cash is still King! What does Liquidity mean; are you liquid or “Ill”-Liquid?



#215: How does the Financial World (including Tony) make money on your money? What exactly are the differences between commissions and fees?



#214: Retirement is not about the Products you use…it’s about the Process you plan.



#213: The 10 Steps to place you on your way to a WorryFree Retirement®.



#212: The rising costs of healthcare and other medical expenses; how you can prepare for these in your retirement.



#211: You’ve got Doubts, Concerns, and Questions. Well we’ve got answers. What are the top three questions people have regarding retirement?



#210: Do you know the difference between Tax Planning and Tax Preparation?



#209: What are the 5 Costly Mistakes that Savers make with their money? How can you avoid them?



#208: Can you retire now? Learn the 4 steps to ensure an early retirement.



#207: What’s the biggest risk to your retirement? Risk, itself. Will you retire in a Bear or Bull Market?



#206: How much risk are you willing to take with your retirement?



#205: Do you suffer from “Big Hat, No Cattle” syndrome?



#204: Do you have a Fear of Missing Out? Or, what some people refer to as “FOMO”?



#203: Has your advisor “flown the coop”? The ins and outs of fees.



#201: What are ya, stupid or somethin’? Well, stupid is as stupid does.



#200: What’s your “Retirement Income Gap”?



#199: Statistics say there’s a good chance you’ll retire unexpectedly; 5 simple steps to Prepare Now!



#198: What are the 10 most frequently asked questions about Social Security?



#197: What are the Risks to your Retirement? The 9 Overlooked risks to retirement.



Webinar: Required Minimum Distribution: Learn about the 10 Tax-Saving strategies to reducing your RMD that could threaten your retirement game plan!



#196: What’s this “Magic Number” the Financial World keeps telling you you need to retire? It’s not just about numbers and math.



#195: What services does Tony Walker Financial provide? It’s not just annuities. Learn more about the three products Tony believes are essential for Savers.



#194: What’s Your Money REALLY Worth?



#193: Will your New Years Resolutions fizzle out? Take a look at Tony’s breakdown of Resolutions Vs. Goals.



#192: ‘Tis the season to be jolly!



#191: So how much is that “FREE” steak dinner REALLY costing you?



#190: Death, Dying…and Taxes.



#189: Who is Tony Walker, and what are his credentials? Who are his people?



#188: So how, exactly, does Mailbox Money® work?



#187: What is a Crediting Method?



#186: Understanding pensions: How are they calculated?



#185: Two types of work: People at work, and Capital at work.



#184: You’ve got a 401(k), pension, and/or IRA; NOW WHAT?



#183: His, Her, & WE Money.



#182: With the stock market at an all-time high, are we due for another correction?



#181: Having more money does NOT mean that you’ll worry less about it.



#180: What is a Retirement Specialist, and what are they supposed to do (for you)?



#179: How you should develop an “Attitude of Gratitude.”



#178: Do you want a free steak, or knowledge on how to be WorryFree® with your retirement?



#177: Life Insurance: Do you need it? How does it work? What does it have to do with retirement?



#176: Are there other retirement options besides the 401(k)? Yes! Life Insurance!



#175: How much do you need? Well, that depends on exactly what you want.



#174: Let’s look at the concept of Being (what are you doing) vs. the concept of Doing (what do you want to accomplish.)



#173: The devil is in the details…with the fees on your money for retirement planning.



#172: The devil is in the details Part 3. Is your advisor unethical, or ignorant?



#171: The devil is in the details PART 2; the rules financial institutions use in order to stay in business.



#170: The devil is in the details PART 1; what to know about insurance companies.



#169: Who can you trust, and what can you trust in?



#168: Remember, the notion of The WorryFree Retirement® is to use, ENJOY, and protect your money.



#167: When facing your opponent (the financial world,) it’s important to have a game plan…so that you can stick to it.



#166: Just like the tale of the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race.



Tony in the Trenches: Bonds

Tony Walker answers a question regarding bonds, and why they may have lowered in value, in a segment of his show, The WorryFree Retirement®, called Tony in the Trenches.


Tony in the Trenches: Social Security

In this Tony in the Trenches (TNT) Tony discusses when to take Social Security and the taxes that can be added to that.


Roth IRA vs. Regular IRA

Not sure about the difference between a Roth IRA and a Regular IRA? Tony breaks down the difference in an example about paid parking.


Long Term Care Insurance

A viewer has a question regarding her parents and Long Term Care. Tony explains what would be a good move for her parents to make. Visit www.tonywalkerfinancial.test to learn more.


Mutual Funds Returns

Can people still get 10-12% return on mutual funds? Tony takes a look at a Dalbar study to determine if this is still applicable. Visit www.tonywalkerfinancial.test for more information.


Lori Lyle Wave 3 TV Clip

Lori Lyle Clip


2012 Client Appreciation Dinner

2012 Client Appreciation Dinner Video


A Message From Tony

A brief introductory message from Tony Walker.


Tony Walker Financial: Roll Over To IRA or call 1-877.499.WALK Retirement Specialist – Tony Walker, from Tony Walker Financial, talks about rolling over funds to an IRA. Tony has over 25 years of experience in the financial services business and is a leader in his community. He is an author, a film maker, and currently appears every Monday morning on NBC affiliate WAVE TV in Louisville Kentucky, where he is co-host on a live call in show answering questions from an audience of over 500,000 households. And just as importantly, Tony has a real pulse on what Americans are thinking since he works personally with so many people, from all walks of life.

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