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What Happens To YOUR Money When Something Happens to Tony?

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Click this video below to learn how we plan on keeping you WorryFree in Retirement in the case of Tony’s passing.



I can’t speak for what other advisors are doing to prepare their firms for their deaths; however, I can speak for myself!

I’ve put a lot of thought into what I need to do in order to ensure my staff and my clients will be able to live out their WorryFree Retirement® long after I’m gone. Let’s take a look at a few things I’ve planned to keep Tony Walker Financial moving forward even without me.

Three salaried fiduciaries

trained in the WorryFree Retirement® process and in the art of retirement planning. Heather, Trey and Wes are all full-time, salaried fiduciaries. They don’t pester our clients in order to sell the new, hot financial product just to earn a quick commission. Clients already enjoy the access they have to an advisor at each of our locations full-time, but if something were to happen to me, Heather will continue to see our clients in Bowling Green, Trey in Louisville and Wes in Lexington.

The Retirement GamePlans that Tony Walker Financial creates for our clients will not go away after Tony is gone. Our advisors and staff are here to service all investments and products in every GamePlan providing great service – long after the ‘sale’.

Eleven full-time service specialist

who are prepared to provide immediate, top-notch service to all of our clients with any needs they may have. Many firms build out their staff with more advisors, but with an emphasis on providing great service to our clients, I’ve structured departments within Tony Walker Financial to ensure our clients get to talk to someone that will assist them in all their retirement needs. You need not worry about getting stuck on a long phone prompt or a robotic voice giving you the run-around… the moment you call our offices you will be connected to a live operator who is ready to assist you in getting your question answered or an appointment scheduled.

My own personal GamePlan

spells out who will be in charge of Tony Walker Financial after I’m gone. This means that there will be no changes experienced by clients of Tony Walker Financial in their service needs. They will be serviced and cared for long after I’m not around.

With nearly four decades of experience in the Financial World, I’ve always practiced what I’ve preached. The company has no debt and holds a large life insurance policy on me just in case that fateful day happens sooner than expected. The policy will continue to take care of my staff in order to take care of my clients.

Thank you for your trust in Tony Walker Financial!


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