Who is a Saver?

When we speak about the 3 Personalities of Money®; particularly Savers, I’m not referring to one’s ability to ‘save’ money. What I’m speaking of is one’s financial personality of protection (saving or conserving) above all else, what has taken so long to create in the first place. In other words, a SAVER personality is someone who is concerned more with the return “of” their money, than on it.

For instance, whereas an INVESTOR or SPECULATOR may be fine with researching (and accepting) the ups-and-downs of the stock market, a SAVER is not. That’s because SAVERS do not like uncertainty of the future. SAVERS want to know that what they have, they’re going to keep. SAVERS like to keep it simple. They like to spend their timing working, playing and doing things that don’t involve constantly monitoring finances. They are not overly analytical, thus, having little or no desire to track the latest investment trends, speculation and other variables that lend themselves more toward the activities of INVESTORS and SPECULATORS. SAVERS will want to consider investing in financial products and strategies that guarantee principal and provide reasonable growth of that principal. SAVERS will avoid costs that they deem unnecessary: investment fees, bank fees, interest on loans (an Investor or Speculator may be willing to borrow money at one interest rate if they think they can make a higher interest on the borrowed funds), taxes and so forth.