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Retired Saver

Second Half - over age 70

Retired Savers have truly enjoyed the fruits of their labor and are now at a point in life that the “frills” of travel and other major lifestyle expenditures aren’t necessarily a priority. At this stage, Savers may be considering downsizing from present homes, wish to start giving more money to kids and grandkids, and begin serious planning for the prospects of asset protection and other financial considerations that go-along with aging.

1) larger percentage in bank type products than the other halves, i.e. money markets, CD’s, savings, checking

2) larger portion of annuities with some of those annuities exercising lifetime income provisions now rather than on deferral

3) minimal amount of money at risk

4) legal documents with emphasis on “elder care” issues provided by attorney qualified in this stage of life for dealing with these type of documents required

Tony Walker can help you make decisions that allow you to maintain the resources you need. Learn how to make sure your risk levels match your life situation, prepare the way for your loved ones after you’re gone, and make sure your finances will last for the rest of your life.

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