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Retiring Saver

Halftime - ages 50 – 70

If you’re a Halftime Saver, you probably anticipate retiring in the next five years or have just retired. Right now, you want to get the most out of the money you’ve worked hard to save. If you’re like many Halftime Savers, your main goal is to begin converting capital saved into a regular stream of income to replace your working wages. You want to continue making smart financial decisions and lower risk expectations by carefully choosing where you invest.

In terms of savings, investment and insurance, you should continue to have:

1) adequate ‘liquid’ savings in the bank or similar risk-free market investments to meet your spending habits and needs

2) permanent life insurance that includes asset-based provisions for terminal illness and other long-term care needs that may arise

3) less investments that carry market risk with less percentage of assets in these types of investments

4) legal documents that may still only include simple will, durable power of attorney as well as health care related legal documents. However, special consideration must also be made to future planning and documents that provide more protection for either the transfer of wealth now and /or protection against long-term care costs

Tony Walker can help you make decisions that allow you to maintain the resources you need. Learn how to make the call on when to retire, determine if you’re taking the right amount of risk with your finances, and get the most out of your 401(k).

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